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DHI Hair Transplant

The Choi needle, referred to as an implanter, has a very thin and sharp tip with a cylindrical structure. The donor hair is advanced along this canal and inserted into the needle.

The most important factor that distinguishes DHI from other methods is that the follicles from the donor area can be transplanted without carving any holes thanks to the help of the implanter. This method, in which the process steps are combined, shows similarities with FUE.

The Choi needle, referred to as an implanter, has a very thin and sharp tip with a cylindrical structure. The donor hair is advanced along this canal and inserted into the needle. Because of this application, the DHI method is commonly known as the Choi method.
There are some advantages of the DHI method.

  • Since the collected hair is transplanted in a few minutes, the tissue’s exposure to the outside is minimal.
    • Survivability of hair follicles in the process is high.
    • Since the incision is less frequent, bleeding and healing times will be shorter.
    • The recovery process after transplant is faster than other methods.
    • It is OK to apply on unshaved hair.

What Are the Disadvantages of DHI?

There are still some disadvantages of the application compared to other methods.
The application team needs to be fast, competent and have high skill.
It is a bit more expensive than other methods.
Planting person should be careful and preferably be at their best.
While the application is being made to the hair area, the skills of the applicator comes to the forefront. In practice, Choi tips can also damage living roots. This means limited mobility.
Hair transplantation time takes longer than FUE method.
Since every root is planted in the area to be sown immediately, it is important to apply the angle and posture procedures carefully.

How is DHI Performed?

This process consists of five parts.

  • Preparation Stage

This process is the same as normal hair transplant preparations. First, the patient meets with the doctor. Then analysis and transplant planning is done. Blood tests are performed to clarify the suitability of the patient. If everything is positive, the operation is prepared.

  • Anesthesia Stage

In this stage, local anesthesia is applied. It is the process of anesthetizing the nerves of the region in the application area for a period of time. This procedure is performed by anesthesia specialists in our institution. The application time is about 3 to 4 minutes. In the same process, the donor area is cleaned with anesthetic fluids. After the cleaning step, anesthetic fluids are administrated in a suitable ratio and manner with a very fine needle.

  • Graft Collection Stage

First begins the process of collecting the donor roots from the healthy area. Hair roots are loosened with the help of micro motor device. This process helps to remove the roots without damaging the hair follicles in the environment. After the procedure, the roots are collected with the help of forceps.

  • Hair Root Preparation Stage

This is the step that distinguishes DHI from other methods. The preparation process continues by placing the hair follicles in the implanter. Tissues are cleaned before inserting into the device. Choi pens are used during this process. Each application may use 20 to 30, or even sometimes up to 100 pieces. After a period of time, the application starts.

  • Planting Stage

The most important step of the DHI method is the transplantation of hair follicles by carving the holes. The roots collected and placed in Choi pens are then planted in the right direction and angle. The application method of the pen is to open the hole momentarily and insert the root. While the transplantation process goes on, the helpers carefully place the roots on the emptied pens.

After the DHI Hair Transplant Process

Since there is no suture and incision after the procedure, it passes more peacefully than other methods. Tissue damage is minimal. Therefore, the recovery time is fast. Since the work is done on donor site during the procedure, the erythema may last up to a week.
An antibiotic cure which should be applied 1 week after the application will be recommended. This application is for preventive purposes.
You can return to your normal life within 4 to 5 days after the procedure.

The Differences of DHI Hair Transplant from FUE

The biggest difference of DHI from FUE is that the process can begin without shaving the hair.
Another difference is that hair follicles are transplanted 1-2 minutes after collection and thus minimizes the waiting time.
Planting between these dilute hair areas gives more successful results.
Planting in narrow areas can be formed more intensively.

DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving

As with all other methods, DHI hair transplantation method can be done without shaving. Let us immediately explain what distinguishes this method from others.
In FUT and FUE methods, the donor area has to be shaved. However, the DHI method does not have this obligation. The distinction can be made in this way. There is no need of shaving for hairy areas.

Is DHI/ Choi Hair Transplant Suitable For Everyone?

During the development phase of the application, this method was found to be unsuitable for everyone. Particularly for those with fine strand or curly hair, the method has not been possible. This is due to the structure of the grafts. Roots cause problems in placement at the tip of the implanted pen.

However, an implanter that can be applied to all hair types has been produced after product development studies. The implants, varying in thickness from 0.64 to 1 mm, have brought a wide variety of suitability to hair type in hair transplantation.

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