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First Wash After the Hair Transplant

The success of the hair transplantation process is directly proportional to the compliance with the roadmap to be followed after the procedure. The preservation process, except the ones that should and should not be done, is carried out by using careful and special products. Therefore, it is recommended that the application be performed with your doctor and his / her assistants in our clinic.

  • The first wash after the transplant can be done on the 3rd or 4th day. However, this process should be done without scrubbing or batting the solution and application area. In this way, the washing will continue until the crusts are shed.
    • It is not recommended to do the application by yourself. You should pay attention to having someone with you if you have to.
    • First wash should in days 3-4. This procedure is recommended to be done under the supervision of the doctor in the clinic.
    • Wash at least once every day for 15 days
    • Washing method and rules are important.
    • The first wash takes about 30 minutes.

Why Is the First Bath Important?

After the operation, the transplanted hair follicles are not fully adapted immediately. Therefore, an incorrect movement may cause damage to the grafts.
The first wash starts to remove the crusts. This allows the roots to breathe and obtain more efficient results.
Crusts falling during washing are purified without damaging the hair follicles when washed properly.
The first wash will help to strengthen the hair follicles and help them to start feeding and adapting.
Errors in the first wash or sloppy work can cause the planted roots to fall off.

How to Perform the First Wash?

It is recommended that you undergo this procedure under the supervision of your doctor in our center. The processing steps will be as follows;
Preparation phase; is the process of bringing and preparing materials. Softening lotion, warm water, shampoo and a soft towel are the necessary ingredients for the first wash.
Lotion stage; We recommend that your doctor use the lotion in the first wash after hair transplantation, to learn the scrubbing method and the process steps in the wash. Then you can learn how to use it, and you can do both washing and applying lotion by yourself.
You should pay attention to the use of lotion; first of all, you should make sure that the environment and your hands are clean. Take plenty of lotion. Then feel your fingers touching the planted area. You should apply the lotion to the planting area with small movements. You should make sure that the lotion covers the whole area. The procedure should last from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Hair Washing Stage

The lotion applied hair becomes ready for washing by softening the crusts on it. If you wish, you can get the excess lotion with gauze.
Have a slow flowing stream with warm water. Pour the water over the hair. Remove the excess lotion. Take your shampoo in your hand to froth and spread the foam on your head with small, slow touches. Do this for a few minutes. Make sure the roots touch the foams. Repeat the entire process twice.
Your doctor will usually recommend the shampoo to be used after hair transplantation. In particular, anti-allergic products with a pH level of 5.5, no parapen content and will be preferred.

Drying the Hair – The Final Stage

You can do this with a very soft towel or a hairdryer in a light setting. Keep the blow dryer at a distance of 30 cm and do not use for a long time. In towel drying, it is important to end the process by making small buffer movements without pressing the roots too much.

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