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Hair Transplant For Women

Hair transplantation is the most effective hair loss prevention method known. Different chemical or herbal products are used to eliminate this problem.

Although it can be applied in a limited way, hair transplantation is possible for women as well as for men. The process completes by transferring the roots from the donor area to the balding area. Hair loss or baldness may occur in women for different reasons. After treatment, pregnancy, hair degeneration, wound or burn trauma can be considered as the main causes for hair loss. It is important to identify the problem before hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is the most effective hair loss prevention method known. Different chemical or herbal products are used to eliminate this problem. However, for the final step, hair transplantation appears to be the solution. For women, hair transplantation method is applied with FUE technique. A good hair analysis is essential before making this decision. It is recommended to get advice from dermatologists.

How Successful is Hair Transplantation For Women?

Hair transplantation in women compared to men can give slightly more negative results. Men and women’s hair loss problem is based on different reasons. This happens rarely in women and may be hormonal. Accurate analysis, hair and hormone tests are important determinants at this stage. In order to obtain effective results, the skin structure should be examined well. After this process, we can get full information about whether new hair should be nurtured or not.

Hair Transplant to Forehead For Women

Women’s forehead may appear wide because of hair loss or genetic reasons. If the forehead looks wider than it is, it messes up facial proportions. Personal loss of self-confidence and stress may develop in some women as a result. With some hairstyles, this can somewhat be offset. Hair transplantation comes into play at this stage. By adding new hair to the hairline, we will be able to push it a little further. It can be made by filling an average of 1 – 1.5 cm in hair line. Of course, if the foreheads of the patients are larger, the line should further extend.


FUE hair transplantation method can handle these procedures in a single session. When determining the hairline, the golden ratio is used. The hair plant line is calculated while maintaining the 3/1 ratio. The person’s age affects the calculations for forehead reduction purposes. If the patient is experiencing intense hair loss, this should be taken into account.
After the calculations, drawings are made and the amount of donor root needed is calculated. Hair transplantation is performed to the holes opened by FUE method.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

While it is less frequent in women, causes for hair loss may have more reasons than the men’s.

  • Hereditary reasons
  • Iron deficiency
  • Systemic diseases
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hormonal imbalance

Hair loss may increase in certain periods;

  • Pregnancy and post-birth
  • Febrile illness
  • Post-operation
  • Speculations due to drug use

Types of Hair Loss in Women

Three types of hair loss in women are encountered;

Diffuse; this type of hair loss is the most common type in women. Early stage hair loss while sustaining the hairline. The loss can be fixed easily by scanning.
Localized; is a moderately encountered of hair loss type. Serious opening in the middle part of the hair and volume reduction occurs. The hairline is preserved.
Pattern; is the least seen loss type. The top is exposed so that the skin is visible. Thinning in this type of hair, also called male pattern shedding, is also common.

Apart from this classification, assertion classifications also appear. The total thinning observed in the hair is examined.

Is Unshaven Transplant Possible?

The method of application used in hair transplantation in men is more preferred by women. Because shaving hair is very difficult and psychologically demanding for many women. Women use their hair as a more active accessory than men. When all things are considered, it is no surprise that most women prefer unshaven hair transplant methods.

In this process, only the hairs in the donor area are shaved. Since the procedure will be performed in the form of small cuts, the patient will have no difficulty in continuing his normal life. Hair follicles taken from the mentioned area will be sown in the planting area with FUE technique. Especially when the nape region is preferred, some complications will be prevented.

There are some striking issues in unshaved hair transplantation. The process takes longer, which means increased costs. Of course, the comfort of the process compared to shaven methods are in the main consideration point. Many effective and specific measures can be taken during the procedure.

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