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PRP Hair Treatment

Hair PRP is not only used for strengthening and treating hair. It also contributes to the health of the roots in hair transplantation processes. It accelerates the healing process and supports the planting method.

PRP, which is known as Platelet Rich Plasma refers to blood that is rich in clot cells. This application is used to revitalize lifeless, weak hair and strengthen weak strands. It is also a solution for people with dandruff and oily hair. It is also preferred to treat problems especially for women, like iron deficiency, dilution and thinning hair during menopause.

Hair PRP is not only used for strengthening and treating hair. It also contributes to the health of the roots in hair transplantation processes. It accelerates the healing process and supports the planting method. Applying PRP to donor area after the process has proven to give a faster recovery speed.

This method, which is also effective for the skin, is used for revitalizing the skin, treating blemishes, acne scars and rejuvenation. Since the procedures are completely natural and do not pose a risk, they can be applied at almost any age.
Those who want to have a healthier and stronger hair can also utilize this treatment for normal hair. This way, the quality of the hair will increase and it will have an appealing look.

Hair Loss Treatment

Unlike hair transplantation, this treatment method is mostly applied to strengthen the hair. This special mixture of serum that is given to weakened hair will help the it to strengthen and regain its health. This result is achieved by the use of protein-rich ingredients in the blood that contain growth factors. By repeating the application, you can have healthy and strong hair for life.

How Is PRP Applied?

10cc of the patient’s blood is taken with the help of injectors. The collected blood is placed in a special machine and centrifuged. This process allows the red part of the blood and the plasma to be separated from each other. The resulting platelets, white blood cells and platelets containing growth factors are applied to the appropriate treatment areas of the patient. The main idea of this application is based on cell and tissue regeneration. Liquid is injected with the help of micro needles to weak hair or diluted area. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Things to know about the application

  • It is a practical and safe method,
  • Has constructive and revitalizing effects,
  • And has long term results.

In addition to the formation of a new collagen, all vital functions of the skin are amplified.
The application is also preferred in cell treatments such as skin wrinkles, scars and burn scars.

How Often Should You Apply PRP?

The treatment is mostly applied to women who have problems with thinning or lack of hair, male hair pattern loss, and hair that becomes dull and sparse on androgen dependency. The treatment should be repeated for 4 to 6 weeks to ensure full efficiency.

The most important reason for choosing the application is the absence of pain. The process is to ensure the revival and regrowth by applying the PRP content obtained from the blood to the hair roots with fine-tipped and painless needles. It is therefore a frequently preferred method.

General application is completed in 3 or 4 sessions with a 2-week break in-between. This way is called 1 cure. Its effects are long lasting. During the year, the application can be repeated at intervals. In this way, the effects will be permanent.

Can PRP Grow Hair?

The application is intended to eliminate the sluggishness of the hair and to restore the existing roots of the shedding hair under the skin. There is no such thing as hair regrowth this way. However, if the hair follicles are dormant, weak or unable to grow, then hair growth is possible because the given growth proteins will revitalize the hair follicles in question. This method, supported by hair transplantation, will ensure more positive results.

Benefits of PRP treatment

This application is a chain of processes that possess no risks. Special fluids taken from people’s own blood are added to the problematic areas where these substances are missing. There is absolutely no pain, only gain. For this reason, many people can practice this treatment easily.

After the treatment, you can continue your daily life without any problems.

There are no scars, marks or wounds in this application, unlike other methods. Any person with hair problems can utilize this method, including people with genetic or seasonal hair loss.

It can also be used to further strengthen and nourish the hair after transplant.

An easy and practical process without any allergy risks.

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