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Robotic Hair Transplant

Besides all the features of robotic hair transplantation application, it provides 3D design modeling with the help of computer and photographs.

Technological developments have also advanced in hair transplantation. The robots, which replaced many manual processes, are now being commonly used in hair transplantation. Grafts are obtained from healthy hair follicles by means of robot and then planting process is performed manually. In short, we can say that hair transfer is done with the help of robots.

In this process, as in the purpose of designing robots, minimizing human errors is the main goal. The robot technology, which emphasizes attention and precision, has brought a new breath to the process. The direction and angle of hair growth and the gaps between them are calculated and applied autonomously by robots.

Another feature of the robots is that they provide the visual with 10,000-fold magnification, thus greatly minimizing the margin of error.

Besides all the features of robotic hair transplantation application, it provides 3D design modeling with the help of computer and photographs. Operations can be performed in a single session or can continue the next day. The patient does not need to be hospitalized. The healing process is very fast and the patient can return to normal life in a few days.

What Is Robotic Hair Transplant?

  • As mentioned above, robotic hair transplant means the utilization of robots in the hair transplant process.
  • It is aimed to put the hair transplantation processes in a comfortable and efficient manner and to ensure that the designed hair is transplanted in the best way without any mistake.
  • Hair transplant robots work in the philosophy of “make zero mistakes” mindset. The direction, angle and other properties of the hair are calculated by robots.
  • The follicular units are seen 10,000-fold bigger, thanks to the magnifiers attacked to robots. This is the most important factor for reducing the margin of error.
  • While working in the donor area, maximum utilization of the healthy and uproot-resistant hair is achieved.

How Is Hair Transplant Done With Robotic Surgery?

The first step is the preparation of the donor site.
The area where the robot collects follicular units is identified and marked.
Shaving process is done not to exceed 1 mm in length.
Anesthesia is applied to the donor area.
Taking the patient to the application area and placing the patient in a comfortable way in the robot seat.
Thanks to the tensioner, the area of the follicles is stabilized. In this way, the head is fixed and the robot can operate comfortably.
Giving the start signal to robots starts the process.
The operation is projected on the operator’s screen. This allows the operator to have direct visual access to the operations.
After these operations and other settings are done, robots will automatically detect each process.
The follicular thus begins to be collected by the intervention of the robot or operator.
Thanks to the sensors in the robot, mistakes practically never happen.

What Are the Advantages?

No surgery scars occur after the operation.
Breaking of hair follicles is minimized.
As the angle and calculations are made in the most precise way, the resulting look is natural. Hair is planted just as desired.
In classical methods, the direction and angle of hair transplantation depends on the operator. However, in robotic procedures, the direction of hair growth, the angle of attachment to the skin is automatically detected and the procedures are performed in this way.

The use of healthy hair from donor area is an important step in hair transplantation, which are done by robots in this method. At this stage of the process, the robot targets the most healthy and perfectly sized hair follicles.
Unlike the other manual method, the session can be completed in two days. In other transplant methods, donor collection and transplant are performed at the same time.

More efficient results while using fewer grafts are obtained. This is because robots do not damage or break the grafts.
Existing healthy hair roots are protected by this method. This does not harm the hair.
The process after transplant is the same as for other methods. The hair must be protected in the same way after the operation and the necessary instructions must be followed.

Important Things to Know After the Operation

After robotic hair transplantation, the methods to be applied are exactly the same. Hair transplant doctors will share the details about how to protect and wash the transplanted hair with the patient. The more recommendations are followed, the faster the recovery will be.
The growth of the newly transplanted hair is similar to that of other methods. New hair will grow in three months. After 6 months, hair growth becomes easily distinguishable to the eye. At the end of the year, the full results can be seen. The appearance will be close to a natural one. Hair can be modeled and further grown according to the physician’s recommendations. As a result of this efficient treatment, a natural and healthy hair transplantation process will be completed.

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