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The Conditions to Undergo Hair Transplant and Who Should Do It?

When the hair transplant decision is made, it is important to choose the right place and the right specialist for the procedure. Careful execution of the procedure and the precise application of the procedures affect the outcome of the operation. Hair transplantation is a surgical operation. This is why cosmetic surgery specialists should perform this procedure. Since the techniques applied in hair transplantation are not trained, support should be sought from the referenced physicians who are experts in their work and who have trained themselves.

Having a specialist surgeon doing the operation increases the success rate considerably. As well as the process of the procedure, the recommendations and follow-up that will be recommended to the patient are related to the experience of the doctor. Dermatologists as well as plastic surgeons are the masters of these practices. Since it is a topic related to the skin, it is an area of expertise. A dermatologist who has improved himself about the procedures will be effective in obtaining efficient results.

Since hair transplantation is in fact both a surgical and aesthetic procedure, most qualified experts to perform this procedure are aesthetic surgeons. After the procedures are performed, it is completely about aesthetic to get effective results and to achieve the desired shape. At the same time, the process is very demanding, adjusting the angles, which is the sensitive point of the hair transplantation, is a high-grade artisanship. From the determination of the contours of the hair to the application criteria during the procedure, it is seen that aesthetic surgeons will be the primary choice on the subject.

Who Should Not Perform Hair Transplant?

We have stated that dermatologists and surgeons are more knowledgeable and efficient in hair transplantation. What these two fields have in common is that they have expertise in hair transplantation. However, nowadays, people who call themselves as beauticians or estheticians, who do not have any authorization certificate by the relevant ministry, perform such tasks.

Unfortunately, these people who act on low budget perform without thinking about the patients hopes, money and health. The lack of full control mechanisms, the lack of control of people, and the fact that they are detained about complaints increase the number of those who do this kind of practice. It is important to be cautious about people who think they only learn from hearsay and tell that they can do such a serious practice. Likewise, you should not hesitate to complain to the ministry about the persons who cannot show you the necessary authorization documents and diplomas.

What Is the Optimal Environment for Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation should be performed in hospital environments. Although it may seem like a simple procedure, hair transplantation is a matter of general surgery. For this reason, the whole area should be sterile from the area where the patient will wait until the area to be treated.

The application area should be adjusted to the operating room in accordance with European standards. Check-in, check-out, use of shoe covers, sterilization of hands and wearing gloves must be compulsory.

The seriousness of the operation should be well grasped and all personnel should act accordingly. All medical intervention devices used or to be used during the procedure should be kept sterile, in packaging and in appropriate places.
After the procedure, the patient should be taken to the observation area correctly, and the treatment room should be cleaned and sterilized. All these procedures should be done consciously in accordance with the general procedures considering the health risks.

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