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Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

As in many aesthetic operations, a process that requires attention and patience awaits you after hair transplantation. You should pay attention to many issues and expect the best results of hair transplantation. After the operation, the physician will tell you all the details, give you notes and medicines. If you use them regularly and follow the recommendations, the result will be flawless.

What to Do After Hair Transplant?

  • The medications should be used regularly. • You should lie on your back for a few days after the procedure. If the procedure was performed on the nape, then you should lie face down.
    • After planting, edema may occur if you lie on the area. This is not a concern. The swelling will decrease in a short time.
    • The bandage placed on the donor area of ​​the neck is removed and dressing is performed the next day. Bandage is applied to your forehead and edema is removed. In this way, swelling of the eyes and edema will be prevented from spreading.
    • From the second day, nothing will be done to the planted area. Only the medication and solution given by your doctor is applied.
    • On the second day onwards, the patient is taken to the hospital and dressing is applied. Washing hair is only recommended after the third day.
    • Protected from rain and sunlight for the first 15 days.
    • From the third day onwards, you should wash your head daily with an anti-bacterial and chemical-free shampoo with a pH of 5.5 for 15 days.
    • About a week later, scars on the skin disappear and shells begin to fall off.
    • You should use your medicines regularly and give great importance to hygiene.
    • It is recommended to have it done in our clinic when the first wash is done. Both the check-ups are provided and the because materials to be applied are more professional, a smooth washing is performed.
    • It is very important that the solution given after the operation is used regularly for the first 15 days.
    • The period of 1 to 1.5 years after hair transplantation is important for keeping hair healthy and growing. In this period, shampoos that do not have chemical content should be used. In addition, nourishing shampoo or solutions, vegetable oils, hair care will help you keep your hair in optimal condition.

Thing to Avoid After Hair Transplant

You are encouraged to avoid certain activities after hair transplant.

  • You should never wash your hair the first two days.
    • Do not do heavy work that will cause you to sweat and require a shower.
    • Avoid stress as much as possible. Stress is a sensation condition that triggers hair loss.
    • Sexual intercourse should be avoided a few nights after the operation.
    • Since antibiotics are used after hair transplantation, it is important not to use alcohol. Also, alcohol accelerates blood circulation. This may cause unwanted situations.
    • Do not go out for the first 3 days when there is direct sunlight. If you have to, you can protect it by wearing a hat.
    • You should prevent the transplant area from contacting with any other places. Shocks and friction can cause hair follicles to uproot.
    • You should not consume beverages such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, alcohol during the first three days. These drinks, which are mixed into the blood, can cause the hair follicles to be affected by drugs or warning ingredients.
    • You should avoid extreme heat or extreme cold. You should also avoid baths, swimming pool sauna and swimming altogether. These places will also increase your risk of infection.
    • Do not dry yourself with towels.
    • No part of the hair should be subject to any hair spray, jelly and brilliantine for at least 3 months.

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