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What is No-Shave Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation, which is already a challenging process for patients, became more difficult this time due to the changes to their appearance and it became difficult for them to get back into the society.

People who want to have hair transplantation are seriously disappointed when they learn that they need to shave before planting. Over the years, the need to shave has been eliminated with the use of plastic surgery, and it has overall become a more smooth process. The aim here is to create a comfortable living environment after the hair transplantation stage of the individuals, as well as to ensure that the psychological process that may occur before transplantation is more easily overcome.

Until very recently, people had to shave the hair to the desired length in multiple or single hair purchases before hair transplantation. Which, of course, led to a state of half-shaven and half-unshaven appearance. Hair transplantation, which is already a challenging process for patients, became more difficult this time due to the changes to their appearance and it became difficult for them to get back into the society. In fact, many patients learned that the donor site had to be shaved, which could lead to the cancellation of the procedure at the last stage. As a result of all these problems, unshaved hair transplantation technique was developed.

How is a No-Shave Transplant Done?

Before the procedure, the patient is asked to grow their hair a little. The purpose of this is to ensure that the treated area is camouflaged with long hair.
In the first stage, the region where the follicles will be taken is determined.
Secondly, the surgeon and his team begin to pick up the follicles in the designated area which will affect the least.
In the third and final stage, the hair transplantation process is completed in the most natural appearance.

Especially with unshaven FUE technique, an average of 4000 hair follicles can be transplanted in 2 sessions. In general, 1 – 3 pieces of hair from each root can be bad. Thanks to the special tools and techniques used in the FUE technique, the retention rate of the cultivated roots can be increased. Thanks to the advances in plastic surgery, techniques such as golden needles and micro motors have increased the results of hair transplantation processes positively.

The duration of the unshaved hair transplantation operation depends on the number of grafts, the technology of the clinic, and the team of the surgeon. Combining unshaved hair and FUE techniques requires more care and practice than the normal FUE method, so the operation time will be slightly longer. Of course, considering the ease it provides, it can provide an attractive second option people who postpone due to shaving issues.

Why Shave the Hair?

The purpose of shaving the hair in FUT and FUE methods are that the donor area is easier to process and healthy hair can be collected faster. In this way, while the process becomes quicker, the shorter roots become harder and more suitable to be planted. This method enables the series of operations to be carried out faster and helps to make the operation shorter.

Of course, the fact that the person does not want to shave after the procedure has led to the possibility of applying the method without shaving. In order to meet the expectations correctly and to create a more comfortable process without negatively affecting the results of the process, the shaving-free system has also been developed and applied.

What Are the Advantages?

  • This method is a little different from shaved FUE method. The problem of shaving before the operation is eliminated for the patient.
  • The return to daily activities and social life happens faster.
  • The donor area recovers hastily.
  • The men who don’t want to shave and especially women may prefer this method instead of FUE.
  • We recommend the no-shave FUE method to people with scars or traces from a previous FUT operation, for hiding the said scars or traces.

Why Are the Prices Comparatively Higher?

Hair transplantation process and the duration of the application are the factors that determine the price. Considering the facts mention above, the shaving methods are carried out more quickly. This allows the surgeon and his team to work efficiently. As the shaved hair is collected in quickly, the insertion of the grafts into the holes effectively becomes even faster.

The reasons why this method is not preferred are also mentioned above. The unshaven option is now available for an effective and precise operation. This means that the operation is performed without affecting your normal life and without the stress of shaving. As it is a long and careful process, the required fee also varies according to standard transactions.

As the number and duration of treatment increases, hair transplantation prices increase. However, especially for women prefer this method, which ensures that the hair transplantation process and post-operation time will be a much more comfortable experience.

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